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The Rox Box Series

Looking for a cost effective, custom, handwired 18 watt tube amplifier?

Looking for awesome tone in a compact package?

Looking for an amp for the home, studio and clubs?

The Rox Box could be your solution!

Rox Box - Overview
Switch between 18 and 9 watts. 2 channels, with truely separate voicing. Master Volume control combined with the half power switch, allows cranked up tone at moderate volume levels. Available in a Compact Head, 1x10 Combo, or 1x12 Combo design. The Rox Box is perfect for those looking for big tone, but without the bulk or big price tag.

Rox Box - Details
The Rox Box Amplifier is a cost effective solution for those players looking for a custom, handwired tube amplifier. Powered by a pair of EL84 tubes, the Rox Box provide warm clean tones and dynamic overdriven tones. Like all our amplifiers, the Rox Box is designed around a carefully tuned circuit, utilizing a handcrafted turret board, and includes reissue Mustard style capacitors, vintage spec'd resistors and custom wound transformers.

The 2 channels are individually voiced and each channels includes a separate Volume Control and Tone Control.

- Channel 1 offers the most clean headroom of the two channels and also provides an awesome overdriven tone, while not being too oversaturated. This channel generates a nice distorted tone, while still offering great note and pick attack definition. Excellent for clean, grinding blues or classic rock tones.

- Channel 2 utilizes an extra preamp gain stage, that is equivalent to a built in and activated Tube Overdrive. Channel 2 provides significantly more drive and distortion than the first channel. Turning the volume knob up to 5 will provide an overdriven tone equal to most fully cranked up "British" style 18 watt amplifiers. Twisting the volume knob further will provide thicker saturation, increased sustain and a great overdriven tone. Perfect for heavy rhythm, leads and harder rock tones. With all the natural tube distortion this channel provides, you just might want to leave your Distortion and Overdrive pedals at home.

The Solid State rectifier provides a lot of punch and the "sag" simulator circuitry provides a bit of compression to the overdriven tone.

Loudness Control
Hi/Low B+ voltage switch 1

While 18 watt amplifiers are very popular, there are many occasions when 18 watts is too loud. The Rox Box amplifier is both a 18 watt and 9 watt amplifier via the Hi/Low B+ voltage switch. This allows you to switch the amplifier from 18 down to 9 watts, while maintaining all the tonal qualities. The Hi/Low B+ voltage switch allows you to get the awesome cranked up tone at approximately half the wattage.

Master Volume (PPIMV) 2
For additional volume control, we have added the Master Volume feature. The PPI-Master Volume design was chosen for its ability to maintain the overdriven tone, without the "buzzy" tone of other Master Volume configurations.

Combining the use of the Hi/Low B+ voltage switch and the PPI-Master Volume allows you to control the cranked up tone from; bedroom levels to jamming levels.


- (2) EL84 Power Tubes
- (2) 12AX7 & (1) 12AT7 Preamp Tubes
- S.S. Rectifier with "sag" circuit
- Hi/Low B+ voltage switch (18/9 watts)
- On/Off Switch
- Indicator Lamp
- Custom Heavy Duty Aluminum Chassis
- Custom Wound Transformers
- 4, 8, 16 ohm Speaker Jacks
- Custom Handcrafted
  Turret Board
- Handwired

Head Cabinet
Standard Tolex: Black Levant. See options below for other colors.
- Dimensions: 19"w x 8h x 8.25"d
- Weight: 23 lbs

Combo Cabinets
Standard Tolex: Navy Blue Levant. See options below for other colors.
 - Dimensions
    1x10 Combo: 18"w x 19h x 10"d
    1x12 Combo: 18"w x 19h x 10"d
 - Weight
    1x10 Combo: 36 lbs
    1x12 Combo: 39 lbs

ARACOM Amplfiers is a "Custom Shop", therefore we can assist you in personalizing your amplifier.

Tolex Color Options: Standard tolex colors - Head: Black Levant tolex  Combos: Navy Blue Levant tolex. However, we offer many styles and colors of tolex. Please contact us for colors and pricing.

Speaker Options: We carry Jensen, Celestion, Eminence and Weber speakers. Please contact us for speaker options.

Introductory pricing:
Rox Box Head $895
Rox Box Combo with 10" Jensen ALNICO Speaker $995
Rox Box Combo with 12" Jensen Ceramic Speaker $995
Rox Box Combo with 12" Eminence Red Fang ALNICO Speaker $1,125

1. The Hi/Low B+ mode is equivalent to turning VARIAC down from 120VAC to 85 VAC, but maintaining the correct heater voltages. The low B+ mode allows for a "tweed" or "brown" tone and provides a natural overdriven tone at approximately half the wattage. Other companies tend to utilize a Pentode/Triode switch to lower the wattage, which is often detrimental to tone.

2. Post Phase Inverter Master Volume control (PPIMV). The PPI-Master Volume control attenuates the signal just before power amp section, eliminate much of the buzzy sounding overdrive found in other Master Volume designs. The PPI-Master Volume control is effectively bypassed when turned all the way up.

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