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GoofyDawg's is an awesome Guitar Gear blog site. Content includes; unbiased review on gear, Products "Found", tips, interesting articles and more. You'll enjoy the excellent writing style of Brendan "GoofyDawg" Delumpa. In his 35+ years of playing the guitar, Brendan has developed a very good ear for tone and knows a lot about gear and proper set up. is refreshingly a non-commercial site; you can count on their honest reviews. The only Gear Review posted on this site is equipment that Brendan personally uses or likes enough to be considered part of his own rig. So when you have a G.A.S.(Gear Acquisition Syndrome) attack, visit before you buy.

Fine Tune Instruments LLC - b3 Guitars (Gene Baker)
b3 Guitars specializes in handcrafted, custom electric guitars. They offers a wide range of solid body and semi-solid body electric guitar designs. Talk to Gene Baker about handcrafting an electric guitar just for you. Gene is also proficient guitarist, gigging regularly with a "hot rodded" ARACOM MPL 50 Amplifier.

Arroyo Grande, California
Phone: 805-343-2686

Check out "Mean" Gene Baker, the "Mean" Guitarist at:
 - ARACOM Amp Audio and Video Clips
 - Mean Gene's myspace

LONDON POWER "The Ultimate Tone Series"
By: Kevin O'Connor
The Ultimate Tone Series (TUT) on tube amplifier design. Must have collection for amp techs.

The History of Marshall - By: Michael Doyle
This book is considered the "bible" of Marshall Amplifiers. A must read book for Marshall amp fans. The book covers 1962-1992 Marshall Tube (Valve)amplifiers.

The Guitar Amp Handbook - By: Dave Hunter
A highly recommended book that covers "UNDERSTANDING TUBE AMPLIFIERS AND GETTING GREAT SOUNDS". This is a well written book for both non-technical guitarist and "techies". It covers; theory, amplifier circuit components, an in depth discussion covering many classic vintage amps, a chapter on speakers & cabinets and more....

Guitar Repair Shops
What to have your axe repaired or customized? Want a custom guitar built for you? Check out these shops:

C.B. Perkins Inc.
C.B. Perkins Co. is a third generation, family business selling fine stringed instruments and boutique amplifiers. C.B. Perkins also builds, repairs and customizes stringed instruments.

5807 Winfield Blvd. B6
San Jose, CA 95123
Phone: 408-578-3428

Guitar Hospital – Keith Holland Guitars
Keith Holland is known as one of Northern California's premiere luthiers. Visit the Guitar Hospital online or in person for Keith Holland's Custom Guitars, Reverand and other production guitars, boutique guitars, boutique amplifiers, guitar repair, restoration and customization.

326 Village Lane
Los Gatos, CA 95030
Phone: 408-395-0767. - Video Tutorials, Gear Review and more ...

Visit Filippo F. Olivieri's, website for his excellent video: Tutorials, Performance and Gear Reviews. Now in HD Video.
Johan Gustavssan Guitars - Sweden

High End Boutique Guitars. Home of the Bluesmaster electric guitar. Recreating the sound and the feel of the old classics, but with a unique and distinctive design of my own.
Boutique Guitar Exchange - Atlanta, GA USA

The Boutique Guitar Exchange is a music store dedicated solely to the guitarist and the guitar enthusiast. It is owned and operated by professional musicians. They have the finest new and pre-owned gear to suit all tastes and playing styles, with an ever expanding inventory. Try out the ARACOM PRX150-DAG at the Boutique Guitar Exchange!
Doug Doppler
Founder of the soon to be released "Get Killer Tone" DVD Series. Doug is signed to Steve Vaiís Favored Nations label and he is a certified Guitar Hero. Dougís tracks can be heard on Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80ís (2007) and Guitar Hero on Tour (2008). Doug Doppler Instructional DVD lessons are available at To learn more about Doug Doppler, the Get Killer Tone DVD Series and

Check out Doppler's:

ARACOM PRX150-Pro Power Attenuator Audio Clips

Get Killer Tone DVD Series

Instructional DVDs
That Record Company Recording Studio
Recording Studio, Live Engineering and more ...

Located in Morgan Hill, California USA.
Royal Brit Music Sales
Specializing in vintage British valve guitar amps and pedals.

Located in California, USA
Specializing in the sale of vintage and reissue; electric guitars, acoustic guitars, amplifiers and other fine instruments.

Located in California, USA

Custom handwound pickups and rewinding service.

Jim Rolph offers high end, reproduction pickups. We highly recommend Jim's PAF pickups. He offers a few types of PAFs, modeling the extact tone of the various years of orginal Gibson PAF pickups. We peronally like his 1958 PAFs and are using them in our favorite Les Paul.

Give Jim Rolph a call and discuss your pickup and tone requirements.

Check out the Tone Quest article on the JM Rolph PAF pickups

Tone Quest - JM Rolph PAF Article

Handmade, coated or uncoated strings for the purist.

We highly recommend you try these "Made in Canada" handcrafted strings.
Custom non-padded covers for the ARACOM amplifiers and for the PRX150-Pro power attenuator

Custom Amp Covers can also custom make a cover to your dimensions with your choice of vinyl and trim colors.
Custom padded covers for the ARACOM amplifiers and for the PRX150-Pro power attenuator

Tuki Covers can also custom make a cover to your dimensions for your other amplifier products.

Check out these talented artist.
Naturally these guitarist are plugged into
an ARACOM Amplifier Product:

Bobby Young - the highly talented blues guitarist.

Listen to Bobby's work and check
out his schedule by clicking the link below:
Reverb Nation

Fan Halen Band-
The World's Most Authentic
Tribute To Van Halen
Derek Fuller - Lead Guitarist

Clint Morrison from Nashville,
is a professional song writer, singer and
an awesome guitarist.
Be sure and check out Clint's work.

The Blue Dog "Blues" band
Northern California's Premier Blues Band

Jerry Rosen, the sensational blues guitarist and
song writer of the Kara Maguire Band.
Kara's: "Nobody's Girl" is a must have CD for blues fans

The Fast Lane Band
Blues, Jazz & Classic Rock

The South 46 Band
Classic Southern Rock

John Garcia
Blues Guitarist Extraordinaire
Guitarist for John Lee Hooker Jr.ís Band

the "Mean Gene Band"
Classic & Hard Rock

JJ Hawg Band

Original Pop-Rock
Check out their awesome CD: Deeper

Back in 72
Alternative Rock

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